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After enjoying a beautiful sunny day yesterday, I thought it’d be an age until we saw the sun again, but no, we have a blissful day once again. Maybe the rumours are true and summer really is around the corner. Think it might be time to dust off the sandals?

So, let’s get back to the adhesives that we were talking about before.

There are many types to choose from and everyone has their own preference. Double sided tape and wet glue is ideal for sticking things flat onto a project but what if you want some dimension to give extra texture to your project? WP_20130305_002

There’s a few options on the market from foam pads to silicone glues, there’s also glue gels and glue dots. These are all readily available and you’ll discover which one you prefer.

Have you ever got a handmade card from someone only to open the envelope and an embellishment falls off as you’re trying to get the card out? So, it’s a good idea to find the right adhesives for your project.

I know that there are a lot of us that love decoupage and the easiest way to assemble a topper is by using foam pads, there are various sizes you can get and they even come in black if you don’t want to see a white edge under a dark image.  These are ideal if you want your project to look fairly uniform, however, if you want to curl the cut outs and give your project a more “realistic” look, say for a floral topper, then it might be better to try some silicone or glue gel. Silicone glue is great if you’re not sending a lovely made card to a friend. Opening a card and getting a whiff of silicone glue is enough to knock them off their feet for a couple of minutes.  Not a great start to the day.

WP_20130305_009Princess Pinflair has approached this issue and found a great solution. Her glue gel is ideal as it doesn’t contain any silicone so solves the problem for people with silicone allergies too. No more smelly cards. With these types of medium, you can decide the height you want and adjust until you’re happy.

Silicone and glue gel is also ideal for securing heavier embellishments down permanently. But, If you’re strapped for time and want a quick alternative, glue dots are great, they won’t give as much dimension as foam pads or the glues, but they are super sticky so heavy embellishments won’t fall off and there’s no drying time! WP_20130305_003

I hope you’ve found this useful but if you’re still a little puzzled, let me know in the comment box and I’ll reply to you ASAP. Any other comments are all welcome so please feel free.


Before I go I just have to share this with you:

It was such a lovely day yesterday and it was topped off with a handsome dinner of Tortellini Pesto Soup, yum.  You can find the recipe here http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/449616/tortellini-and-pesto-minestrone Try it, it’s so good.

Let me leave you with that until next time … Happy Crafting

Hina x