Snow day turns to make day

Hello Crafty friends. I has been snowing again here in Northants and it’s very cold so I was happy to be cosy in the craft room making a lovely birthday card for one of my friends.  I thought that I would share it with you all, but shh, don’t tell her, although I’m sure she won’t mind.

I used the new AdvantEdge and the punch that comes as part of the starter kit. It’s really simple to make and very quick, so here goes.

Floating Card

  1. First choose the card colour that your recipient will like and chop part of the front off using a paper trimmer.
  2. Take some acetate and attach to the inside of the card so it takes the place of the card that you cut away. Trim away  any excess.
  3. Using the Advantage and the floral punch, punch out the design using a patterned piece of paper or card. Attach this to the acetate.
  4. Then take piece of the card you cut away and stick it to the end of the acetate so it looks like your punched image is floating in the middle.
  5. Attach a greeting and embellishments to the card to complete.

As I say, this a very quick and easy card to make.

You don’t have to use the same tools as I have, find what you have in your crafty tool box and just adapt it. Although, I will say that the AdvantEdge does have some really pretty punches.

A couple of tips on adhesives:

To stick the acetate I used Stix2 ultra clear tape, the type with the red backing, which, incidentally, is ultra-sticky too.

To stick the punched motif I used Crafter’s Companion spray adhesive,

Those are my tips, but what would you stick acetate with? Make sure you let me know.

** SHOW INFO ** I will be at the craft show in Harrogate this weekend, so If you happen to be going, come and say hello, I will be at the Art of Craft stand.

Well, I hope you like the card I made and you have a go at making one too.

I’m sure I’ll see you soon, until then…

Happy Crafting

Hina x

Tacky Solutions

After enjoying a beautiful sunny day yesterday, I thought it’d be an age until we saw the sun again, but no, we have a blissful day once again. Maybe the rumours are true and summer really is around the corner. Think it might be time to dust off the sandals?

So, let’s get back to the adhesives that we were talking about before.

There are many types to choose from and everyone has their own preference. Double sided tape and wet glue is ideal for sticking things flat onto a project but what if you want some dimension to give extra texture to your project? WP_20130305_002

There’s a few options on the market from foam pads to silicone glues, there’s also glue gels and glue dots. These are all readily available and you’ll discover which one you prefer.

Have you ever got a handmade card from someone only to open the envelope and an embellishment falls off as you’re trying to get the card out? So, it’s a good idea to find the right adhesives for your project.

I know that there are a lot of us that love decoupage and the easiest way to assemble a topper is by using foam pads, there are various sizes you can get and they even come in black if you don’t want to see a white edge under a dark image.  These are ideal if you want your project to look fairly uniform, however, if you want to curl the cut outs and give your project a more “realistic” look, say for a floral topper, then it might be better to try some silicone or glue gel. Silicone glue is great if you’re not sending a lovely made card to a friend. Opening a card and getting a whiff of silicone glue is enough to knock them off their feet for a couple of minutes.  Not a great start to the day.

WP_20130305_009Princess Pinflair has approached this issue and found a great solution. Her glue gel is ideal as it doesn’t contain any silicone so solves the problem for people with silicone allergies too. No more smelly cards. With these types of medium, you can decide the height you want and adjust until you’re happy.

Silicone and glue gel is also ideal for securing heavier embellishments down permanently. But, If you’re strapped for time and want a quick alternative, glue dots are great, they won’t give as much dimension as foam pads or the glues, but they are super sticky so heavy embellishments won’t fall off and there’s no drying time! WP_20130305_003

I hope you’ve found this useful but if you’re still a little puzzled, let me know in the comment box and I’ll reply to you ASAP. Any other comments are all welcome so please feel free.


Before I go I just have to share this with you:

It was such a lovely day yesterday and it was topped off with a handsome dinner of Tortellini Pesto Soup, yum.  You can find the recipe here Try it, it’s so good.

Let me leave you with that until next time … Happy Crafting

Hina x

To Stick or not to Stick – which Adhesive is the Question!

What a beautiful day it is today, sunshine and tweeting birds. I hope its nice where you are.


I was getting down to sorting out my craft room when I picked up a box that hadn’t been looked into since it arrived. Once opened, I realise it’s the Stix2 goodies needed for the Harrogate show coming up soon, probably sooner then I think actually.

A whole load of different adhesives spill out and this makes me think it must be so puzzling for a new crafter to figure out which glue to use with what.

My choice of adhesive for card making has always been double sided tape purely for its ease of use and no drying time, however it can be difficult to reposition, sometimes impossible, without tearing your project. I know that a tip for this is to use some glue stick over the tape so it becomes slidey making it easier to manoeuvre.

WP_20130303_030Double sided tape is great for thin slivers of paper to embellish projects with. Just stick the tape on the back of paper or card before cutting out, peel off the backing and hey presto!

Although I’d love to use double sided tape for everything, it’s not ideal for all projects. For example, if you’re making a box, it’s better to use a wet glue like PVA and hold down the bits you’re sticking together until dry. You can hold it down with your fingers but it does get a bit boring, so just use something like a paperclip or clothes peg, so you can free your hands to do something a bit more exciting like making a cup of coffee, with a biscuit of course.

If you’re as impatient as me, Stix2 has thought about the problem us tape lovers have about waiting around and they do a tape that looks red, as seen above. When you use it, you’ll see that it’s not red at all but ultra clear and ultra sticky. This is ideal for boxes, etc. and no waiting time. Guess, I’ll have to give that coffee a miss for now.

It’s also good for sticking ribbon, heavier embellishments and Glitter! I have tried it with embossing powder and heated and it is perfect.


Well, I’ve got to a point where I’m stuck for words now, I’ll leave it until next time for some more tips about glue. In the meantime if there’s anything you’d like to ask please use the comment box below or use it just to let me know you stopped by.

Have a great day and happy crafting

Hina x

As promised

Interchangeable Boarder Punch Designs

Hi guys, I said I’d upload some pics and here I am!

I wanted to show you a couple of projects made with the new fantabulous gadget from Fiskars, the AdvantEdge and by using it you have a definite advantage if you like to decorate your cards and scrapbooks with fancy borders or ribbon borders.

When the Stitches trade show came to the NEC, I demonstrated the AdvantEdge and also its baby brother, the new Interchangeable Border Punch. As I’m a self confessed gadget girl, I loved both of these tools.

First of all, whenever I’m at a show I do get a lot of ladies asking if the border punches are a unit in their own right, or if they can get “cartridges” to swap the designs. As we know, until now, we had to get different punches for each design and if you’ve got space issues like mine you have cluttered cupboards bursting open and storage nightmares. Well, Fiskars have listened to all our prayers and sorted out the storage problem, as the “cartridges” are all stackable and to top it all off, they have also given us some fabulous designs.

WP_20130218_005The Interchangeable Border Punch’s big brother, AdvantEdge uses the largest punches currently on the market, measuring 2.25″ x 2.25″ the punch outs can be used as toppers for greetings cards as well as edgings, in this case bigger is definitely better! Slide and lock technology allows for very quick and easy production of borders saving time and any paper/card from mucked up attempts, as it works first time and every time. Idiot proof or Hina proof as I like to call it. The starter kit comes with a beautiful floral design and a further 8 designs are available separately. The kit also comes with an adapter plate, which is genius, as this allows the use of another 9 designs, made for the interchangeable border punch.

I will be demonstrating these fab new tools at The Great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza on 16th & 17th March 2013. This takes place at The Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate. If you are there, I’d love to see you so come along and say hello.

Fiskars are actually giving away one AdvantEdge as part of a competition. All you need to do is go to join up on the website and upload a picture of one of your makes, you don’t even have to use Fiskars tools in particular. SO DO IT NOW!!! You never know and lets face it, what have you got to lose?

Before I go, here’s a couple of pics of cards using the AdvantEdge and Interchangeable Border Punch. Hope you enjoy them. Feel free to let me know what you think or if you have any questions. I’m always open to suggestions so if you’ve got any ideas send me a comment.

WP_20130303_045    WP_20130303_030

Until next time… Happy Crafting

Hina x

From there to the new Craft Yard

Hello everybody, it’s Hina Modha, I have got a brand new domain and will be sharing some more inspiration with you together with some of the trials of life.

As I haven’t done anything online for an age, I will need to get organised and figure out what I am going to do with this site, otherwise, it will end up looking like my workshop, and trust me, you dont want that to happen.

I have left it to a time when I am leaving to go the NEC tomorrow, see what I mean about organisation. However, I will be taking some pics while away, so you may find something of interest if you come back in a week or so.

I should pack and so until later my buddies. Keep crafting and watch this space.

Hina x