Hina Modha

Hi, my name is Hina Modha and I am a crafter and demonstrator.

I am from a professional IT background, however my career path has been so very varied and when I think about all the things I have done I feel dizzy.

I was always doing some sort of crafting, from needle craft at school, to knitting, crochet, dressmaking, quilting, you name it and I probably did it.

I stumbled into card making at a later stage and within a year I was published in off the shelf and online magazines. From there I ended up doing a few years on shopping TV, which was great. I also did a lot of graphics design for the craft industry which involved very lonely days at home doing what I called cyber business.

Being in need of human company, I used to look forward to a few nights a week at the casino, playing my favourite game, poker. I often found myself on the final table, which was great. Having been a TV player, I wasn’t too phased by this.

I am waffling now, there is tonnes more I could talk about and I expect I will, however, for now, please enjoy the content and if you have any suggestions, please┬ádon’t┬áhesitate … you know the drill.

Happy Crafting

Hina x

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